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Homeopathy LLC

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Discover wellness, on your path.

Providing classical homeopathy for acute and chronic issues.

Meet Katie

I am a classical homeopath, a graduate from the Caduceus Institute of Classical Homeopathy, where I completed my advanced studies and clinical training. Prior to my formal education, I spent years self-studying and learning from other homeopaths. This helped me integrate the wonderful science of homeopathy with the art of practicing homeopathy. I treat every client with kindness and respect, honoring everyone's journey. I am the wife to a wonderful husband and mother to two amazing children. When I am not nose deep in a homeopathy book, you can find me taking care of my many gardens, cooking or baking.


What to Expect

You are unique; therefore, your path to wellbeing ought to be unique too. Every client I work with gets individual personalized care. I don't use protocols, ever. In homeopathy, the entire person is taken into consideration, not just it's parts or disease names.

Homeopathy is often confused with naturopathy or other broad holistic healing practices. Homeopathy is based on the law of similars using highly diluted and potentized remedies made from nature. Homeopathy is not herbs, supplements, detoxes, frequency scans or muscle testing. 

I provide both acute and chronic services - only using one remedy at a time, no combination remedies. 

While acute care is much less involved and a remedy will be selected during the visit, chronic care is much more detailed. At a chronic intake consult, I spend 1.5-2 hours listening and understanding you and your concerns. Afterwards, I spend many hours studying and analyzing your case. 



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All appointments are completed virtually using a HIPAA compliant telehealth system. I have experience working with all ages. However, I have a special interest in women's health, mental health and orthopedic complaints. 


Chronic Consult

For long standing issues or focusing on general wellbeing; 1.5-2 hours $275**


Children age 8 & under; 1-1.5 hours $225**


Chronic Follow up

Where I carefully evalute the reaction of the remedy on your vital force and decide next steps, 30-45 minutes $50**


Acute Care

For short term issues (ex: colds, flus, sprained ankle, posion ivy, etc), 15-30 min & includes 48 hours of follow up care $50

Must have a basic home remedy kit or access to remedies.

**Price does not include remedy, those will be ordered from an FDA licensed homeopathic laboratory, price is typically $6-20. 
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